I like to make pictures, whether it is with a camera or a pen

Art has been a huge part of my life. As a child, I found a way to express myself through drawing. Drawing evolved to graphic design, which I studied for four years at the Mediacollege Amsterdam.

Eventually, my love for photography grew bigger than my love for graphic design. During my time there, I started with concert photography, for online magazines focused on alternative music. I had the chance to photograph some of my favorite bands. My interest then slowly shifted towards portrait and fashion photography.

Because of this, I started at the University of Applied Photography (Fotovakschool Amsterdam) in 2014. My love for graphic design and illustration is far from over; I like to combine these with my photography. Photography for me is writing stories. Writing my own reality, my own world. I’d like to show you this world through pictures, but make you a part of it as well.

I am based in Volendam, a small town only half an hour away from the city Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



2018 Graduation exhibition Fotovakschool (date to be announced)

2017 Exhibition ‘Kunstroute Volendam’ (28/10 – 29/10)

Group exhibition of selected local artists @ PX, Volendam

2016 Exhibition ‘Synergy 11′ (24/06 – 26/06)

Second year of University of Applied Photography @ Loods 6, Amsterdam

2015 Exhibition ‘Split’ (22/06 – 24/06)

First year of University of Applied Photography @ Amsterdam

2013 Exhibition ‘Nu eerst’ (26/06 – 04/07)

Graduation Graphic Design @ Mediacollege, Amsterdam


Magazines: Elegant Magazine (February 2017), Volant Magazine (October 2017), The Boulevard Magazine (Vol. 4, October 2017), Art of Portrait (Issue 5), Scorpio Jin (Issue 16, February 2018), FOOK Magazine II (2016)

Please contact me if you want a copy of one of my images.