No time or inspiration for the design of your own thesis? Let me help you out! I will help you with a creative design, completely aligned with your wishes.

I’ll start the process with asking for your thesis subject and personal preferences. Based on this, I will send you two concepts you can chose from or give feedback to. After the concept is clear, I can start the design process. For this phase I need at least a basic version of your text, so I can estimate how much room is needed. After the first design is ready, you get a round of feedback to ensure you like the design. If you see anything you don’t like, I’ll make sure it gets improved to your taste.

After the design process, I’ll help you with tips and tricks for delivering the thesis with a print service, so there won’t be any weird mistakes. The timeline for the process will take about 2 weeks, 3 if you count printing. If you want more information about the design process and the costs, feel free to contact me. Let’s make your thesis the talk of the town!